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Ceramic Pro - Auto Training (San Diego) - December 10th and 11th

Regular price $ 100.00

Auto Training 

Date: December 10th and 11th

Location: Carlsbad, CA, 92008

$400.00 Price is for Auto Training for 2 people per Business

Extra attendee $100.00

Thank you all so much for attending. I am truly honored to hold these sessions. I take this as a professional complement. I’m looking forward to helping you learn what we do forming relationships that will help all of us move our businesses forward for years to come!

Below is everything that I intend to cover. Please feel free to stop and ask questions along the way. Also please let me know if there is anything that you’d like to learn that is not on the list below. The cars that are in the shop are customer’s cars. I’m extremely confident that we can teach you how to coat these vehicles as well as we do and have you actually performing the installs. We will cover everything on the list below but we may jump around a bit based on where we are on each car.


  1. Ceramic Pro PowerPoint

                        History of CP

What the products actually are

How & why they work.


  1. Prep work:

                        Washing (No Rinse Washing)




                        Solvent Wash


  • Polishing / Paint Correction

                        Rupes 21mm and 15mm

                                    5 inch backing plate

                                    What is dual action?

  1. Pads

                        Foam vs Microfiber

                                    Cleaning Pads


  1. Products

                        Menzerna 400, 1500, 3500 (Name Changes)

                                    Click on this address http://www.autopia.org/forums/the-detail-institute-presented-by-autopia-carcare-com/40223-difference-diminishing-diminishing-abrasive-polishes.html

                                    What is diminishing abrasive and non diminishing?

                                    What is working time?

  1. Polishing Techniques

                        What is Arm Speed?

                        What is pad speed?   

                        Lighting Direct/Indirect/Sunlight


Ceramic Pro Install Training


  • Installing 9H


            Blue Pads vs Included applicators





Wet Towel Vs Dry Towel

Layering 9H

Managing Haze

Avoiding High Spots

Avoiding Streaks

Fixing high spots

Removing via abrasion and reapplication


  • Installing Light


  1. Installing Wheel & Caliper

When to use 9H on Wheels

When to use Light on wheels

When to wipe / not wipe

Spraying calipers


  1. Installing Exterior Plastics

Wiping vs Spraying


  1. Installing Interior coatings

Plastic, Leather, Textile

Damp Towel usage for interiors?


  • Installing Rain


Business Training


  • PowerPoint


  • Numbers Spreadsheet


  1. Profit Spreadsheets


  • Hiring Docs


  • Employee Payout Docs


Dealership Program

  • Dealership program docs